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Taylor Land

Committed to sustainable land management solutions through professional and reliable forestry services.

Our Services

Forestry Mulching and Land Management

Forestry Mulching is a one step process using specialized forestry equipment that cuts, grinds, and chips trees, brush and vines into beneficial mulch that covers the ground eliminating the need for burning and piles. This mulch prevents erosion and restricts the regrowth of unwanted vegetation.

Excavator Mulching

Excavator mulching is ideal for rehabilitation and deforestation, especially on steep riverbanks, powerline areas, and railways.  An excavator mulcher can mulch upright and fallen trees, shrubs and stumps helping to maintain storm drainage areas, make the right path, clear the land, reforest and more. 

Large Scale Forestry Mulching

Clearing expansive plots of land and areas with thick brush and heavy foliage requires high-performance machines capable of clearing these areas efficiently.  Just like with smaller sites, large scale forestry mulching is an eco-friendly solution for land clearing with many benefits such as soil nourishment, invasive species control and wetland conservation.  

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About Us

Taylor Land Services LLC was founded in 2018 by owner Stephen Taylor, a mechanical engineering graduate from Virginia Military Institute. Our experience in forestry and agriculture ensures that your project is handled quickly and effectively. With our knowledge of tree care industry experience, coupled with highly specialized equipment we are able to offer a range of specialized environmental land management services resulting in the highest quality work performed.

With our cutting-edge equipment and our commitment to sustainable land management solutions makes Taylor Land Services LLC the best choice for your next Land Clearing project.

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What Our Customers Say

"Taylor Land Services does great work! Very professional and great customer services. I highly recommend them. We had partial land clearing done, which was quick and the results were exactly as expected."


- Lisa E.

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