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Excavator Mulching


Why excavator mulching?

Unlike front-mounted mulchers, excavator mulchers use a vertically oriented mulcher head meaning it can reach some vegetation more easily, and can mulch standing trees. Excavator mulchers are well suited for working on steeper slopes, and with their swinging boom, they can be a better option than heavier purpose-built mulchers where disrupting soil is a concern.

Excavator Mulching Applications

An excavator mulcher can be useful for:

  1. Land clearing for private and public property

  2. Site preparation and lot clearing

  3. Pipeline and transmission line maintenance

  4. Forest management and wildfire prevention

  5. Trail and road overgrowth clearing

  6. Storm and damage and disaster cleanup.

Taylor Land Service LLC's excavator mulcher allows us to give you additional capabilities so that your land clearing project is faster, more economical and with less negative environmental impact.

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